Harryman Tri 2017

HarryMan Course Map 2013Harryman Triathlon takes place north of New York City in Harriman State Park at Bear Mountain.  This is a great course, with a COLD swim, HARD bike, and GREAT run.

The swim takes place in Lake Welch which is on the left of Bear Mountain.  The current is fairly strong and the water temperature is really low.  It will be a great swim if we don’t go hypothermic.Harryman Tri 2013 - Swim

The bike is where this race becomes a challenge.  The bike course takes place up, down, back up, and around Bear Mountain.  The final portion of the bike is a two mile and a quarter climb UP to the transition for the run.


The run is a great run with small hills through the beautiful sections of Harriman State Park, culminating at the finish line back at Lake Welch.

This Tri is the kick off of the season, and will be a great race to start of the year!

Had an AMAZING time with the team – Everyone had a great race and I couldn’t be more proud of these guys…..can’t wait till next year.

Distance = 35.1 miles   Suggested Minimum Donation $35.10  

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