World Trade Stair Climb 2017

On September 11, 2001,

Stephen Siller had just gotten off the late shift at Squad 1, Park Slope, Brooklyn. He was on his way home when his scanner told of the first plane hitting the Twin Towers. When he heard the news, Stephen called his wife Sally and returned to Squad 1 to get his gear.

Stephen drove his truck to the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, but it was already closed. He strapped 60 lbs. of gear to his back, rushed on foot through gridlocked traffic and ran from the Tunnel to the Towers where he gave up his life while saving others.

Every year since a commemorative run has been held in his honor retracing his steps from the tunnel to the where the towers once stood.

I am honored to be participating in this event again. 


So happy to have run up the World Trade Center this year and to have done it with my great friend Corey made it all the better. The finished observation deck is beautiful and should be on the top of everyone’s to-do-list when in New York.

Since the observation deck is now open to the public this years race had to begin at 5 AM.  We all arrived at 4 AM in order to go through security and prepare ourselves for the grueling climb up. Due to my time from last year, I was placed in the elite field and hit the first stair at 5:05 AM…I was finished and back in my apt by 6 AM!!!

Distance = 180 flights    Suggested Minimum Donation $180.00

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