NYC Winter Indoor Triathlon

JRab Indoor Tri

Even as the snow is coming down and the Arctic wind is hollowing through the buildings of the city we continue to race triathlons.

All you need is a pool, a spin bike, a treadmill….and determination not to let the winter get you down.

AG Pool

AG Spin


We use these Indoor Triathlons as a way to train through the winter and prepare for the first race of the season.  They are a great deal of fun and also a great way for newbies to the sport to try a Tri.

Everything is calculated by distance over time….The swim is 10 mins in length and your score is counted by how many laps you can accomplish in set time. The bike is 30 mins in length and your score is the distance you can travel. The run is 20 mins and the farthest you can go in set time is your score. It is a great 60 min workout at full speed the whole time.

Distance in 60 mins – Suggested Minimum Donation = $60.00                                Next Race