THE EVENT OF THE SUMMER August 9, 2015   11 AM Central Park – North End – Great Lawn Here is a challenge EVERYONE can participate in… Come be part of an amazing event to support “Run For Rob”. Everyone loves Burpees and here is your chance to help those in need by participating […]

New Year’s Eve Midnight Run

  What an thrilling way to end the year by running Central Park with friends underneath the fireworks as they explode overhead – making running forward very difficult and funny!!! New Year’s Eve Midnight Run – Central Park – Suggested Minimum Donation $100.00                         […]

Spartan Mountain Adventure

12+ MILES       25+OBSTACLES An obstacle Race from Hell. A one of a kind of event claiming to be the “toughest race on the planet”.. THIS IS THE SPARTAN… many will race, but few will leave! I participated last three years in this and have always had a GREAT time. It was grueling as hell and tested […]

Brooklyn Bride – Swim Across East River

Usually you swim alongside a coastline, sometimes around islands, but rarely do you get to cross a channel. Scheduled for July, I will have the chance to swim my way across the East River between Brooklyn and Manhattan, in the shadow of the most famous bridge in the world, The Brooklyn Bridge! I was lucky […]

Syracuse Half Ironman

Swim – 1.2 Miles Bike – 56 Miles Run – 13.1 Miles The race began in Jamesville Reservoir, where I completed a 1.2-mile swim in some choppy water. The 56-mile bike course winds through the Highland Forest recreational area, and started with a 12 mile climb from 600 feet to 1,900 feet!!!!  After that major ride […]

Statue of Liberty Swim

This is the most AMAZING event in all of New York City! A select few of swimmers from around the world get to experience the thrill of swimming around the Statue of Liberty, and it is a swim that can match no other. This will be my third year participating in this swim and it […]

Mayhem in the Meadowlands

Mayhem in the Meadowlands NorthEast Crossfit Competition CrossFit has become such an integral part of my training and being able to partake in the Mayhem in the Meadowlands was a thrill. This was an exciting event held at Met Life Stadium right on the field and up the stairs to the roof.  It was a […]

World Trade Center – Stair Climb

For a few years now I have been running up the Empire State Building and have had a blast each and every time.  This year was the inaugural run up the brand new World Trade Center 4. 4 World Trade Center is the first building to be completed at the site of the Twin Towers. […]

NYC Winter Indoor Triathlon

Even as the snow is coming down and the Arctic wind is hollowing through the buildings of the city we continue to race triathlons. All you need is a pool, a spin bike, a treadmill….and determination not to let the winter get you down. We use these Indoor Triathlons as a way to train through […]

New Year’s Day – Polar Bear Swim

Call me crazy….many of you already have….but this is quite a fun and exciting event.  Hundreds of people running into the freezing ocean to celebrate the first day of the new year! This winter was one of the coldest on record and the water temperature proved it. This year there were more spectators then swimmers, […]