Fifth Ave Mile 2018

A Perfect Day for Running at the 5th Avenue Mile

As I made my way to 5th Avenue to race down 20 blocks of Manhattan’s iconic location, I was greeted with perfect conditions. With temperatures hovering in the high 60’s and overcast skies, the weather played its part.

As runners and their supporters gathered on 5th Avenue, there was an energy and excitement in the air. The course, on first glance, looks simple, 20 blocks straight down 5th Avenue, but the course has a few tricks up its sleeves.

With the streets shut down and traffic-free, runners discovered first-hand the slight hill that hides in the middle of the course, and we all realized how long a mile really is as we gazed down the avenue toward the finish.

Not being a sprinter this race always proves to be a challenge for me, but a fun one.

Fifth Ave Mile – NYC – 1 mile – $10.00

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