Spartan Beast 2018


13+ MILES       35 OBSTACLES

An obstacle Race from Hell.

A one of a kind of event claiming to be the “toughest race on the planet”

THIS IS THE SPARTAN… many will race, but few will leave!

I have participated in this race for many years and have always had a GREAT time. It is grueling as hell and has tested every last bit of strength I had left in me.

This year I took on the craziest of all courses in Killington, VT.  The course takes you directly up the black diamond ski slope and up higher then you think your legs can take you.  When you reach the top you dive into the lake, which is cold as HELL, in order to get to the other side to continue the run, you would think that would be doable but there are actual obstacles IN the lake you have to traverse over and under.

Once on the other side the race really starts….every half mile or so of the roughest, moutainest terrain you will hit major obstacles that will test your strength both physically and mentally.  

Spartan - Sep 2012

Dragging your body up a rocky, mud mountain, under barbed wire, while being pelted with a fire hose is one of the many obstacles.How to Prepare for a Spartan Beast?

The killer of this course is a portion of the race aptly called “The Death March”.  It is exactly how described. An extremely long trek up the mountain when you truly think you have nothing left in the tank.

The finish line is a bit of a warm one….

Spartan Beast – Killington, VT – 15 miles / 30 obstacles – $150.30         

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