New York City – Marathon


The New York City Marathon, held every year in early November, is New York’s biggest party. With just over 42,000 participants and two million spectators lining the streets, it just may be the world’s largest – and loudest – race.

I am proud to have many friends running the marathon this year in support of “Run For Rob”.  Terryl, Rob F., Tony, Alex, and Adrianna will all be undertaking this amazing run.  I am so proud of my friend Adriana who was not able to run last year due to Hurricane Sandy.  She will be crossing the finish line this year for her inaugural marathon.

new_york_city_marathon1The 26.2-mile course winds through parts of each borough of New York City, providing runners with a challenging, lively, and kick ass course. Starting in Staten Island, the marathon begins by crossing the Verrazano Bridge into Brooklyn.

There they are greeted by the first round of cheers and  high-fives just after Mile 1.  After crossing over into Queens, hundreds of spectators line the base of the 59th St. Bridge at mile 15 and encourage runners up the steep ramp to make their way into Manhattan.

After spanning the East River, all the runners make their first steps into the isle of Manhattan. Thousands and thousands of spectators will be cheering, (including myself), as runners make their way up 1st Ave. on their wfall_480ay to the Bronx.

Finally, the home stretch is back in Manhattan to conquer the last few hills in Central Park to finish the amazing New York City Marathon!

Distance 26.2 miles = Suggested Minimum Donation $26.20