Wallyman Triathlon



Wally Man Tri takes place alongside the well known Lake Wallenpaupack in the Pocono Mtns, PA. The swim will be an out and back taking off from the only sandy beach on the lake followed by a scenic yet challenging bike course to the north.  Explore the other side of the lake during an out and back run for the final leg of this multisport race.
img_4799A “challenging” bike course is a term which I would not have used….more like mountainous and fast.  I did really well in the swim and was killing it on the bike….UNTIL I crashed. This was my first bike crash and one I do not wish to repeat.  I was very lucky to avoid hitting my head as I flipped over the handle bars while taking the impact on my shoulder and hip.  Bike did not fair as well and I am still dealing with repairs or replacement….urgh.

Even though I crashed, it was still a lot of fun to be with friends and racing in the mountains of the Poconos.

Distance = 35.1 miles   Suggested Minimum Donation $35.10  

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