Team Dangerus – Beat The Bracket

Team Dangerus  

Bringing like minded people together through fitness social and charitable events


Image result for TeamDangerousHQBeat the Bracket is redefining fitness competitions. 

Based on their fitness level, teams are placed into three divisions: Gold, Silver, or Bronze.

The top two teams in each division receive cash prizes.  Teams are guaranteed a minimum of three workouts, with a maximum of six.





Had a great time…AS ALWAYS with my friends at Team Dangerus!  You will never come across a better group of people who only want the best out of you.  They will push you to your limits and help you prove to yourself you can achieve anything.

There support of “Run For Rob” has been a constant and I can not wait to be part of their next event.

Distance = 3 Rounds – Suggested Minimum Donation $300.00

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