Syracuse Half Ironman



Swim – 1.2 Miles

Bike – 56 Miles

Run – 13.1 Miles

The race began in Jamesville Reservoir, where I completed a 1.2-mile swim in some choppy water. The 56-mile bike course winds through the Highland Forest recreational area, and started with a 12 mile climb from 600 feet to 1,900 feet!!!!  After that major ride I finished off the half-Ironman with a 13.1-mile run in and out of Jamesville Beach County Park, where I hit the killer course of two mountains!!

Syracuse Bike Elevationimages-1

It was a great day and had the most perfect weather any triathlete can ask for.  I have been cautious of this course for many years and now that I have accomplished it, I look forward to going back.

Dan - Syracuse Ironman 70.3 - June 2014

Syracuse Half Ironman – 70.3 Miles -Suggested Minimum Donation $70.30                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Next Race